Keep Clients' Private Information Confidential

Keep Clients' Private Information Confidential

Learn about our document shredding process

Over the years, you've obtained all sorts of sensitive information from your clients. But now you don't need those paper documents anymore. So, what should you do with them?

That's where Tear It Up, LLC comes in. We destroy physical records of all kinds, including medical records, data disks, cancelled checks and invoices. After shredding the documents, we recycle the bits and pieces.

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Know what to expect

Are you cleaning out your old files? Make sure no one steals your company secrets or your clients' personal information by turning to Tear It Up.

When you arrange for secure document shredding services, you can expect us to:

  • Arrive promptly to retrieve your security bin
  • Shred the documents on-site
  • Give you a record of the document destruction and a weight ticket
  • Return the bin to its original location
  • Recycle the shredded document materials

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